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About Us

Brownfield Carriage Hire is a Staffordshire based Horse and Carriage transportation company, with the goal of providing a professional service to all of our clientele, in a speedy, price competitive and pleasant manor.

Anthony Brown has been working with horses since he was young. He has a very large spread knowledge of breaking and driving horses and is passionate about the animals, like his other relatives, who also have a huge interest in the welfare of their mares.

Glenda Field has raised many horses throughout her life, working with people of all ages to teach them the ways to reward a horse for their good behaviour, whilst giving them good knowledge of how to keep the animals in good stead.

Between them, they have many years experience handling horses and also offer the service of breaking and training horses to ride and drive, which has been a self taught talent that has been years in the planning and preparation. Both Glenda and Anthony both care for their animals, having over 50 years experience with owning horses between them, they really can’t be told that their caring tactics are wrong.

If you haven’t figured out the reason for the name Brownfield for the business, it is a combination between Glenda Field and Anthony ‘Ant’ Brown’s surnames, as this is a shared business, with each business partner having different roles to play within the business.

Brownfield Carriage Hire was founded in late 2013, after the duo decided to take their industry knowledge to the next level; providing top quality horse breaking and horse and carriage rides to people across the midlands, with the hopes to expand the business across the whole of the United Kingdom.

As of July 2015, Brownfield Carriage Hire found new residence for their horses at Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, where we can train our horses on open land, to prepare them for whatever your event should entail, whether this be strong winds, heavy rain or even snow!

You can view more from what we have done and find out more information about the latest Brownfield Carriage Hire going’s on, using our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (where you can view some footage of our behind the scenes work, breaking and riding horses).